Our Engineering Services

At Pollution Control, we are a design and engineering company specializing in welding and fabrication. We have a highly-skilled, multi-discipline engineering team with over 30 years of experience in industry and agriculture. As a result, we can deliver bespoke solutions to suit individual customer requirements. Our services cover all engineering aspects, including design, welding, fabrication, structural engineering, cleaning and industrial painting.

Engineering Design

We provide our customers with a bespoke design service; our design team is here to solve your engineering requirements. Due to this, we have many years of experience in industry and agriculture; we have been involved in projects in various sectors, including the nuclear, oil, power, chemical, water and food industries.

Blast Cleaning & Industrial Painting

In our finishing department, we provide blast cleaning and industrial painting services. We have two blast units, one permanently fixed in our finishing shop and the other a mobile unit that can be positioned anywhere within our workshop or used on-site. As well as this, we specialise in grit blasting but can adapt our blast plant for sandblasting or bead blasting. We also provide an industrial painting service specialising in airless spraying. In addition, we can apply coatings using a range of industrial paint systems.

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