Wastewater Aeration

Pollution Control offers several wastewater aeration technologies to suit various applications. Oxygen transfer, a vital part of numerous wastewater treatment processes, is the process by which oxygen is transferred from the gaseous to the liquid phase. Therefore, the functioning of the aerobic process (such as activated sludge) depends on the availability of sufficient oxygen. Due to this, we can design a system with guaranteed aeration and process performance by utilising both fine bubble and coarse bubble aeration systems.

We specialise in providing wastewater aeration systems, which can be fixed or retrievable, including floating systems for lagoons.

The retrievable systems can rapidly be installed and removed without needing specialist equipment and interrupting the wastewater treatment process. As a result, on-site time and associated costs are kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring that maintenance work can be undertaken quickly and easily.

Retrofit and emergency supplies are also available.

Our turnkey approach includes the design, supply and installation of blowers, pipework, controls, D.O monitors and air diffuser systems.


  • Cost-effective, high-performance, low-energy and flexible system
  • The system can be designed to suit any tank or lagoon to customer requirements
  • The systems use the most efficient fine bubble diffusers that are available in either disc or tubular design
  • A flexible aeration system is available for easy installation and maintenance without interrupting the process.
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency at higher flow rates
  • Low energy requirements to operate the system, using the latest blower technology.
  • It can be used to treat a wide variety of municipal effluents
Aeration system square Aeration system round

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