Groundhog Slurry Handling

The ‘Groundhog’ range of sludge and slurry handling equipment are manufactured by Pollution control and are world renown as reliable and robust machines that over the decades have proven to be the Farmer or Contractors preferred choice.

We pride ourselves on the build quality, backup and advice we provide to our customers.

The Umbilical Application System

The umbilical method of Sludge / Slurry handling involves pumping the slurry liquid from a liquid storage facility (lagoon or tank) using a high-pressure pump unit, via a pipeline, to a tractor mounted applicator unit.

Once the system is set up and the pipeline has been laid, the pump is started and the applicator unit is then driven in straight lines, dragging the supply pipe, known as the Drag Hose, up and down the spreading field.

The umbilical application system has numerous advantages over traditional tanker based application methods:

  • Increased work rates – Work-rates of 100m3 (20,000 gallons) an hour are typical.
  • Reduction is field soil comp action – No heavy tanker unit is driven onto the field.
  • Eliminates damage to the field access area -Applicator unit is driven In and Out of the field just once.
  • Eliminates mud carriage onto field access roads -Applicator unit stays in the field until the field is finished.

Slurry Application Equipment

Splash Plate Applicator

Groundhog Splash Plate Applicator range allows the operator to surface apply sludge or slurry in a controlled method through the use of low level, large bore rubber nozzle units which produce an even, large droplet spread pattern resulting in a drastic reduction in nozzle blockages, odour and wind drift.

Trailing Hose Applicator

The Groundhog Trailing Hose Applicator range are designed to lay sludges or slurry directly on the ground, thereby reducing nitrogen loss, improving application rate accuracy, and further reducing odour and wind drift problems.

Sub-Soil Injection

Groundhog Sub Surface Injectors have been developed over a period of 20 years to give unrivalled performance on both grassland and stubble. All machines incorporate a unique slim-line design injection legs that can achieve injection depth from 4″ to 14″ that have easily replaceable surface contact parts. Injectors are available as Umbilical or Tanker Mounted Units.

The Benefits of Slurry Injection

  • Completely eliminates the environmental and nuisance problems previously associated with sludge and slurry disposal bringing more land into use closer to housing and sewage works.
  • Higher application rates and significant transport economies.
  • Un-rivalled nutrient benefit to crops no leaching occurs to atmosphere
  • Even application with the absolute minimum of surface contamination and none of the surface run-off problems that can occur with top-spreading systems.

Lay-flat Hose Reelers

Our range of Agricultural lay-flat hose Reels are designed to suit the demands of farmers and contractors. All Groundhog hose reelers have been developed over the years to give the user unrivalled performance and reliability. They are built to the highest standards to our industry proven designs. All reel units feature powerful hydraulic motor and chain reduction drive system combined with hydraulic pressure relief safety system.

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Pump systems

Groundhog systems can supply either Centrifugal or Progressive Cavity (screw) pump systems. Centrifugal pumps offer the operator high output over a range of pumping conditions. Progressive Cavity pumps give the operator complete control over flow and application rates in conditions with high Viscosity slurry, distance and head.

Mobile Holding Tanks

Our range of Mobile Holding tanks are designed to be towed (empty) by a Tractor. The single rear axle is equipped with a hydraulic jacking system powered by the towing Tractor to enable the tank to be lowered to the ground for field use. Capacities available are 20m³ to 46m³.


Groundhog supply the ‘Angus’ brand of polyurethane and rubber hoses that have been specifically designed for drag use.

Tanker mounted systems

All of the umbilical Slurry application equipment can be designed to be mounted on Slurry tankers.


GU04-Surface Applicators

GU07-PIF Injector

GU09 Mobile Slurry Holding Tanks