Our range of water treatment systems is ideally suited for use in the municipal water treatment sector. As a modular tank system, packaged treatment plant, individual components or units fitted in existing tanks. Therefore, the systems we can provide include aeration and biological treatment, primary & tertiary settlement, sand & silt separation, chemical dosing, coagulation, flocculation, dewatering and screening.

Our biological treatment systems are based on our Eco-SAF technology. Due to this, our system is very flexible and can be installed as an individual modular tank system or a component-based system installed in existing tanks.

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Wastewater Aeration Systems

Our diffused bubble aeration systems can be installed in existing tanks or lagoons. Therefore they can be permanently fixed or removable. The system is very flexible and can be adapted to suit various applications.

Primary Settlement

The primary settlement systems we can provide are for the removal of gross solids and other contaminants before the biological treatment stage of the process. As well as this, our primary settlement solutions include pump chambers, oil, fat & grease removal, settlement tanks, clarifiers, sand & silt separation and screening systems.

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Tertiary Settlement

Our Tertiary settlement systems are for the final treatment of the water. They are usually upward-flow settlement tanks. The tertiary settlement removes fine particles from the water. Our tertiary treatment systems include conical settlement tanks, clarifier tanks and lamella clarifiers.

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Sand & Silt Seperation

Depending on the water composition to be treated, we can install systems to remove sand and silt at the primary stage. These are usually lamella clarifiers or sand separators. Lamella clarifiers can be utilised as a sand & silt separation system. Therefore, if the clarifier is sized correctly with enough lamella plates, sand or silt can easily be removed from the effluent at the primary settlement stage. We also design and manufacture a range of sand separators that can be installed at the pre-treatment stage of the process.

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Dosing, Flocculation & coagulation

In addition to primary and tertiary settlement systems, we can install dosing, flocculation or coagulation systems. Due to this, all three systems use chemicals for different treatments of the water being treated. Therefore, dosing is used as a pre-treatment to ensure that the water at the biological treatment stage is free from contaminants that could affect the efficiency of the process. Flocculation & coagulation is used to make fine particles in the water gather together to aid the settlement process.

Screening & Dewatering

We also have a range of screening, dewatering and separation systems to remove solids in the water to be treated at the pre-treatment stage. Due to this, our systems are based on proven groundhog slurry separator technology. This includes rake screens, dewaterers, and separators.

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