Pollution Control design, manufacture and install various systems to treat industrial trade effluents. Each system is designed to suit the specific requirements of each project, and the specific composition of each effluent varies, so we can tailor our systems to provide the most efficient solution for your requirements.

Our trade effluent treatment solutions can be based on Eco-SAF technology or a fine bubble aeration system. Therefore, we can solve all your trade effluent treatment needs using one of these systems.

Eco-SAF Treatment System

The Eco-SAF treatment system can be used as a standalone or as the second stage of the process. In addition, it can be combined with our primary and tertiary settlement, pre-treatment and post-treatment options as individual modules or as part of a packaged treatment plan to suit the individual project’s requirements.

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Wastewater Aeration Systems

Our fine bubble aeration systems can be installed in existing tanks or lagoons and permanently fixed or removable. Due to this, the system is very flexible and can be adapted to suit various applications and effluents.

Pre-treatment And Primary Settlement

We can provide several systems for the process’s pre-treatment and primary settlement stages. In addition, these can include oil fat & grease separation, sand & silt separation, gross solids removal by manual or mechanical means, dewatering/separation systems, chemical dosing and primary/balance tanks.

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Tertiary Settlement And Post-Treatment

We can provide systems for the process’s tertiary settlement and post-treatment stage. These include flocculation systems, clarifier tanks, UV disinfection, chemical dosing and other filtration processes before the effluent reaches the final discharge point.

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