Groundhog Slurry Separator

The Groundhog mechanical Slurry Separator operating principle is based on the proven technology of the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering design for Slurry Separators. As well as this, the fibre-rich solids produced from the slurry can be stacked for easy storage, and the now reduced volume of nutrient-rich liquid can then be managed more easily than when it was in slurry form.

The Separator is used worldwide for gross solids in all industries. Due to this, typical applications for the Separator are on Livestock farms, Digestate produced from Biogas plants, Vegetable processing, Slaughterhouse waste, Livestock Auction markets etc. The list of applications is endless (it has even been used in coffee bean processing).

A new advanced version of the Separator is now available. Due to this, The Groundhog ‘Superdry’ Separator will produce an even drier solids fraction than the standard machine.

Low running and maintenance costs associated with a Separator designed by us to be as trouble-free as possible to operate and maintain ensures that over the last 30 years, it has been the Separator of choice for many Industries.

The Groundhog Mechanical Separator produces an easily stackable and valuable fibre plus a free-flowing (fibre-free) nutrient-rich liquid in an uncomplicated and efficient process. Both factions are suitable for land application, allowing for better nutrient control. Therefore, the separator is designed to handle both Cattle and Pig Slurry. The Separator is also suitable in Industrial processes to remove gross solids from effluent.

The Separator operates on a simple two-screen principle: After mixing (pit mixer or mixer pump), the liquid slurry is pumped to the Separator inlet weir box and flows onto the first perforated screen, where the separation process begins. Then, the slurry is slowly brushed the full length of the screen to remove most of the liquid before being presented to the second screen. Therefore, where the remaining fibre is pressed and brushed the full length of the perforated screen to ensure the maximum amount of liquid is removed.

Model 1200 Separator

  • Hot dip galvanised body & Crucifix’s suitable for all kinds of slurries and liquid
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • UK design and manufactured to ISO9001
  • Proven technology, manufactured since 1976 to N.I.A.E original design
  • G.R.P side and end panels
  • Stainless Steel Screens
  • 18% – 23% Dry solids content achieved (depending on application)
  • Quick change screens with cam-lock system
  • Optional stainless steel body/internals

Typical layout using pit mixer and sub pump

  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Reduced liquid volume to aid storage
  • Total system design and training available from fully trained personnel
  • Detailed specification to Customer needs, including support steelwork, mixer, pumps, automated controls etc.
  • Increased crop growth from separated liquid
  • Low power consumption (max 0.75kw)
  • ‘Super dry’ version available – up to 30% dry solids
Model Liquid Flow* Solids Capacity Motor Size Machine Length Machine Width Machine Height
600 26m3/Hr 1.5m3/Hr 0.55Kw 3000m 1030mm 1760mm
1200 54m3/Hr 3m3/Hr 0.75Kw 3000mm 1675mm 1760

*Dependent upon slurry consistency.

Pollution Control supply a complete range of slurry handling and recycling equipment with systems currently in use throughout the UK and Europe. The range includes pumping equipment and GROUNDHOG field distribution systems.

Groundhog Super Dry Separator

The SD Groundhog mechanical Separator produces an easily stackable solid plus a free-flowing liquid. Effluent or slurry enters the Separator inlet chamber and is slowly brushed the full length of the perforated screen to remove most of the liquid before entering the second stage, where the remaining solids are double pressed to ensure the maximum amount of liquid is extracted.

    • Typical industries include Vegetable and meat processors, Abattoirs, Auction Markets, AD Digestate separation
    • Galvanised or Stainless steel options
    • A double pressing of the solids in the second Stage produces a dry solids range of 26-30%
    • Easy operation and maintenance
    • UK designed and manufactured to ISO 9000
    • Can be installed as part of a complete effluent Treatment system
    • Spray system to deal with FOG applications
    • Stainless Steel Screens
    • Various screen sizes depending on the application
    • Quick change screens with cam-lock system
    • Model 600 SD SeparatorFull system design available
    • Support steelwork, Pumps, Controls, Clarifiers
    • Chemical treatment

Double pressing of the solids

Model Liquid Flow Solids Capacity Motor Size Machine Length Machine Width Machine Height
DW600 26m3/hr 2m3/hr 0.75 Kw 3000mm 1030mm 1760mm
DW1200 54m3/hr 4m3/hr 1.25Kw 3000mm 1675mm 1760mm

Pollution Control (UK) Ltd can help you to manage your effluent treatment requirements efficiently, effectively and with minimum damage to the environment. A full range of biological and aeration treatment systems designed to meet the most stringent discharge consents are available.

600 & 1200 Seperator Description


GSEP01-Seperator Leaflet

GSEP02-Super Dry Seperator Leaflet


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