Design and Supply of Lamella Clarifiers and Associated Equipment for Export.


Comments (0) 18th August 2020 /

Pollution Control have recently exported three LC50 lamella clarifiers along with chemical dosing systems and pipe flocculators to New Zealand. The clarifiers will be used in the growing rental sector for the filtering of silts and solids from construction site ground water.

The remit was to supply lamella clarifiers that could be quickly and easily installed on site with the minimum of installation.

Pollution Control designed a skid-based system with a collapsible safety handrail and access ladder system. This would allow the clarifier to be easily loaded, transported and then become fully operational shortly after arrival at site.

Due to the shipping cost the clarifiers were designed to fit inside a high cube shipping container.  Owing to the rigours of the rental market a full two pack protective paint system was applied both externally and internally. This will provide the client with years of service with minimum maintenance.

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