Development of Separation Equipment for Sand Laden Slurry


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Reputation Of Groundhog Slurry Separators To Deal With Sand Laden Slurry Grows

Pollution Control have recently installed two Groundhog seperators to add to the list of seperators that are working trouble free on sand laden slurry. They have replaced screw press type seperators (one in Dorset and one in Cheshire). The customers found that although screw presses initally worked well once they changed their bedding regime to sand excessive wear was noticeable making them an expensive machine to keep in service.

Existing support steel work was modified and both separators now require minimum maintenance.

Pollution Control have also developed a Groundhog sand washing and dewatering process to reclaim 75% – 85% of sand bedding. The equipment uses hardened steel parts to provide minimum service requirements.

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