Pollution Control have further developed its range of packaged sewage treatment plants utilising the proven and dependable Eco-SAF Submerged Aerated Filter technology at the heart of the system.  
They are a tailor-made system designed to meet our customers individual requirements. 
This system combines, efficient processing and reliability with a robust design in a complete integrated treatment process which will achieve excellent quality effluent discharge standards. 

Why choose a packaged treatment plant? 

The Pollution Control packaged treatment plant is a tried and tested application that is regularly specified for first time sewerage schemes and upgrades to rural works. It is also the preferred choice in many commercial and domestic applications that are not connected to mains drainage. It can be supplied as a ‘one tank’ system for below 350pe where the Installation work is kept to a minimum. The packaged sewage treatment plant consists of pre-screening, primary settlement, biological treatment and final clarification sections and can be installed above or below ground or partially submerged. 
It provides treatment for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and ammonia (NH4) in wastewater applications for populations ranging from 50-350pe in a single tank system. Due to transport restrictions all above 350pe installation would require individual processes tanks (Eco-SAF – Lamella Clarifiers – Settlement tanks). In the standard sewage treatment installation the system is capable of attaining discharge standards of BOD5: 20/ TSS:30/ NH4-N:10 (95%ile) with options for further enhanced treatment. 
Typical Industries 
Reliable performance 
Single tank Installation option 
SAF Technology used by all the major Water Utilities 
Innovative and simple process 
Low maintenance as no internal moving parts 
Service aeration diffusers without interrupting the process 
Minimal visual impact 
High rate nitrification options available 
Small installation footprint, low installation costs 
Able to cope with 
Camping and caravan sites 
Construction Sites 
Garden centres 
Golf and leisure centres 
MOD Facilities 
Motorway Service Stations 
Hospitals / Nursing homes 
Restaurants / Public houses 
Large country estates 
Villages, rural communities and housing associations 
Zoos/theme parks/leisure attractions 

The Packaged Plant Treatment Process 

Primary Stage 
Primary settlement is designed is in accordance with BS 6297-2007, sized to achieve a good hydraulic retention time and ensuring sufficient settlement in the primary tank. A manual rake screen is fitted over the inlet. Mechanical screening is optional. Sludge storage is integral to the primary tank. The tank is equipped with baffles to prevent floating scum entering the biological phase of the treatment process. The Primary stage also includes a flow balance tank to control flow to the biological stage. 
Biological Stage 
After primary settlement, the settled wastewater flows to the biological treatment stage (Eco-SAF) by pumped flow from the balance tank. The biological cells are fully segmented internally to eliminate the risk of process short cuts. Each aeration cell is filled with high voidage plastic filter media, where both carbonaceous and nitrifying processes take place, mitigating process risks associated with variable loads. Air to oxygenate the influent and to scour excess biomass from the filter media is introduced continuously below each chamber by a series of diffusers. 
Final Stage 
Following biological treatment the effluent flows into the final settlement tank or lamella clarifier where the excess biomass settles out. The tank is equipped with a pump which is arranged to automatically return activated sludge to the primary stage for co-settlement. The treated effluent flows under gravity to the works outfall. Further tertiary can be supplied e.g. U.V Disinfection, Sand Filters. 
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