Effluent that is produced from different industrial processes will vary greatly in composition, with each industry having their own particular issues. Over the years Pollution Control have gained vast experience and have a proven track record in providing systems to treat and re-use a wide variety of Industrial effluents. Designing a Practical and cost efficient treatment solution will involve evaluating a combination of factors to provide the best technical solution as Thus for the majority of industrial effluent treatment projects there is no “one size fits all” system. Our process engineers can provide each individual Company with a thorough initial evaluation from which a viable solution can then be proposed. 
Treatment of Industrial effluent depends on the Customers and legistlive specific requirements including if there is a requirement to re-use the effluent (which can substantially reduce water consumption). Options can include Aeration, Clarification and settlement, Screening and De-Watering, Coagulation and Flocullation, and UV Disinfection. Pollution Control have experience in designing and Installing all of these technologies into a diverse range of Industries. 
The cost of disposing of the effluent to the local municipal sewage treatment plant is continuing to spiral, mainly due to on-going process investment by the Water utilities, so it is important for Business owners to look at other options that are available. Costs of disposal are determined by the discharge volume, the polluting load,the suspended solids in the flow and the treatability of the effluent at the Sewage works. This is generally based on the ‘Mogden formula’ that is used by the Water Utilities to calculate the cost of treating a cubic metre of effluent. 

Why Treat Your Industrial Effluent On-Site? 

Substantial savings in trade effluent charges 
Compliance with environmental regulatory requirements 
Re-Use of the effluent which will reduce water consumption 
To remove possible restrictions on the product output of the factory or facility 
Low capital cost and good medium to long term investment payback 
The regulations governing the industry are becoming significantly more complex. Industries can find it difficult to keep up to date with effluent treatment technologies and usually Process Managers do not have the time to spend on the more detailed areas of effluent treatment. 
At Pollution Control we can relieve this burden by advising on the best available technical solutions for them. Our proposal would be tailored to the particular industry/effluent, offering considerable operational cost savings, as well as freeing up staff who would otherwise be resolving these problems. 
Pollution Control appreciate that management involvement is essential. We operate an inclusive and consultative approach with the customer and particularly with the operational staff who will be required to operate any new process. 

Available Technology 

Biological Aerobic treatment 
SBR technology 
Pump systems 
Aeration Technologies 
Gross solids screening 
Sludge management 
Lamella Clarification 
Dosing and Flocculation 
UV Disinfection 

Typical Industries 

Food and vegetable processors 
Paper and Pulp 
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