Separation solutions are suitable for a whole range of processing industries and agriculture Biogas and bio-ethanol plants. Our services include Solid-liquid separation before and after biological treatment. 
Digestate separation 
Waste water treatment and fibre recovery 
Dewatering of paunch and intestines 
Separation of pig manure, straw, sand, shavings and stomach contents 
Dewatering of truck wash water 
Separation of tannery waste water 
Separation of rendering products 
Separation of coagulated blood products 
Separation of feathers 
Food Industry applications: 
Separation of vegetable, fruit, cereal, sludge and waste water 
Treatment of distillery and brewery grains 
Pulp and paper applications: 
Sludge from water treatment 
Pre-cleaning of waste water streams 
Dewatering of stock 
Fibres recovery 
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