Pollution Control design and manufacture a range of hose handling equipment including hose reelers, hose flaking systems and hose ramps. The Reelers and Flaking systems have all been designed to facilitate fast, efficient deployment and safe retrieval of rigid and layflat hoses. Our systems are suitable to accommodate hoses for a wide range of applications including: Ground water abstraction, Fracking, potable water transfer, fuel and chemical transfer, marine and offshore fluid transfer, irrigation, slurry handling, 
Working closely with a world renowned hose manufacturer and end users from all industries for over 30 years we understand the need to ensure that our hose handling equipment is designed to manage and store what will be a substantial investment in layflat hose. 
We can supply a solution ranging from a basic hose reel to store and deploy 25 meter of 35mm diameter hose in a groundwater abstraction application to an emergency water supply system that will rapidly deploy up to two kilometer of 300mm diameter hose from one single unit. 
Hose Reelers  
Our comprehensive range of hose reelers can be mounted on a fixed base frame a skid unit or be designed as part of a trailer unit. Depending on the application the trailer mounted hosereeler can be based on an Agricultural design or a general road trailers including fast tow version. Designs are also available that allow the hose cassettes that store the hose to be interchangeable so by simply releasing a couple of catches the complete hose cassettes can be quickly swapped over.  
Using this system means that a large number of hose lengths can be deployed and retrieved using just one hosereel drive system. 
Our range of hose reelers include manual hand wind hose reels or mechanically powered systems. The manual hand wind reelers can incorporate gear and braking systems to aid hose retrieval (typically suitable in a groundwater abstraction application). The powered systems are designed with either an integral power supply (typically an engine driven hydraulic power pack) or can be powered from an outside source (typically by the towing vehicle hydraulics or an electric power source). 
All hosereelers incorporate a hose guide and tensioning system, Rollers assist in expelling any residual water. The hose tensioning facility ensures maximum hose capacity on the cassette. 
Hose Flaking Systems 
Hose flaking systems are used where a rapid response to an emergency is required. Rather than store the hose on a reel based system the hose is already stored in a flaking box or POD. The hose is simply drawn out of the box or POD and lowered to the ground, the vehicle and POD or trailer then drives off and ‘flakes’ the hose from the rear.  
They can offer a low cost and simple option to a reel system and are the quickest option to deploy hose. When the emergency is over the hose can then be recovered and stored back in the flaking system by manual means or with an integral mechanical hose retrieval unit. 
Hose Ramps  
As part of the equipment offered a variety of galvanised hose ramps allow vehicle access when hoses cross roads. These are modular in design allowing rapid installation and will accommodate up to 300mm diameter hose. 
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