DIRTY WATER SCREENING - The Green Machine and Autoscreen 


Pollution Control manufacture two machines that will screen Farm dirty water, silage effluent and dairy washings. 
The Green Machine is the award winning integrated system for the screening, storing and distribution of dirty water, silage effluent or dairy washings. onto surrounding fields. The Green Machine eliminates the need for three stage settlement tanks, is easy to install and requiring little or no expensive civil work. 

How does it work? 

The Green Machine consists of a brushed stainless steel screen, submersible feed pump, holding tank, distribution pump and controls, all in one neatly packaged, fully automated, galvanised steel unit. Distribution mains and sprinklers are also available to complement the system. During operation debris is removed from the effluent before it is pumped at low precipitation via an underground or portable main to sprinklers or self-travelling irrigators, thus preventing blockages. 
No settlement tanks to de-sludge 
No expensive civil works 
No distributor nozzle blockages 
No pump priming problems 
Low maintenance and long life of distribution pump due to absence of solids. 
Solids can easily be handled (e.g. collected in a wheelbarrow) 
The submersible feed pump can operate from an existing effluent collection point (minimum 2.5m3) 
A choice of models to suit farm requirements, including single or three phase versions. 
Standard safety features include high and low pressure cut out and frost protection. 
Ideal for tenant farmers as it can easily be relocated. 
24-hour timer with override float switch 
Remote mounted flashing or audible fault warning 
Static field distribution sprinklers 
Mobile field distribution units 

Autoscreen – Mechanical Screen 

The Autoscreen is an uncomplicated mechanical Separator suitable for removing large particles from dirty water or effluent to enable the liquid fraction to be more easily stored, managed, distributed, treated or re-cycled. A typical application for the Autoscreen would be for the removal of solids from farm yard/dairy washings or vegetable processing where a high dry matter solids content are not achievable or a requirement. 
The dirty water or effluent flows over a perforated stainless steel screen which traps the solid particles. A rotating brush assembly then sweeps them onto the discharge chute. The treated effluent flows below the screen to be disposed of. A variety of screens with different perforated hole diameters and free open area are available to cover different applications for this versatile machine 
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